November 15, 2014

{For the Love of Etsy} I Love You to the Moon and Back

Every night my kids and I have a special bedtime routine. We get our pj's on, brush teeth, and then cuddle in our loft and watch a Curious George cartoon on Netflix. Then they each get special time with me before they fall asleep: I rock Adrianna in her rocking chair and sing her three favourite songs, and Tyler and I sing his three favourite songs and then we read Good Night Moon together.

These Etsy finds remind me of the special mommy cuddle time I get with each of the kids every night before bed.

What's your night time routine?

November 14, 2014

{Friday Faves}

It's been an emotional roller coaster kind of a week! We've all been super sick with colds but we're finally feeling better and are ready for some weekend shenanigans - thanks to friends and family time...and lot's of wine of course.

Here's a look at what melted my heart and kept me intrigued this week in my very first edition of {Friday Faves}.

There was that time I took a much needed break while the kiddos were napping (even the 4 year old went down for a rest so naturally I had to take advantage).

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These two just melt my heart at all the right moments!
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I've fought the good fight (against technology) for too long with my kids. Our recent vacation taught me the art of letting go - in many areas. Adrianna is 2, she can use this Samsung tablet better than I can, but really, isn't that always the case with each new generation?
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I'm obsessed with these 11 Bobby Pin hairstyles from buzzfeed. I have to try them, mornings are easiest when a girl has a Bobby Pin - know what I'm sayin? Link here.

Source: Buzzfeed
And lastly, I loved this post about Fit Shaming. I can't say I've been fat shamed, fit shamed or any other kind of "shamed" but this post gave me lot's to think about. Would I openly call someone too fit, too skinny or too chubby? No. But I may have thought it a time or two, and that still doesn't make it right. Shaming in silence. Have you been guilty of this too?

What's on your Friday Faves list this week?

November 12, 2014

When the Vacation is Over - Reuniting with Fitness

Me and Adrianna Hanging out by the Pool in Mexico
A few weeks ago my family and I went on vacation to Mexico and let me tell you it was amazing for so many reasons. Not only did we have a great time, but my kids were happy and in great moods the entire week (which meant mommy and daddy were also in great moods!). And while I stressed about having to wear a bathing suit for literally months leading up to the vacation, I am proud to report that I rocked my bikini, even if I hung out of a little bit (OK a lot!). I put it on the very first day we got to the resort, and I didn't look back from then on. I was having so much fun playing with the kids, hanging out with my cousins at the pool bar, and soaking up the hot sun, that I really didn't even have time to focus so much on my appearance. And maybe it's just because they're family, but no one cared what I looked like. I knew they wouldn't, but being there in the moment, and seeing for myself that I wasn't being judged for my mushy mommy belly, really helped me relax and just live in the moment. I'm grateful that I'm surrounded by so many people who love me for me, and don't care about my size.

Having said that, I realized that I was missing my nightly ritual of grunting through my workout DVDs.  So this week I've decided the "vacation" is officially over, and it's time to finish what I started earlier this year.

I have 7 weeks left to reach my fitness and weight loss goals, and it's not unreasonable, I know I can do it.

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November 8, 2014

{Weekend Link Love} Goals, Giveaways, Makeup Tips and More

A few thinks I bookmarked this week:

Reflections from Jess at Operation Skinny Jeans. I love this idea for a post - not only does Jess inspire me every day, I love how she uses reflection and goal setting posts to keep her eye on the prize: improving her health and helping people in the process.

This Holiday Baking Giveaway from The Girl Creative blog.

#NOEXCUSES Core Workout from Pink Heels Pink Truck (it seriously kicked my butt).

A few more . . . 
  • This chicken recipe looks mouth watering (link
  • Taking the perfect Instagram picture (link)
  • Quick mascara tip every tired mommy should use (link

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