July 21, 2014

#MotivationMonday: My First Warrior Dash Mud Race

Me and Hubby Before Warrior Dash
So it finally happened, the Warrior Dash came and went and I survived to tell you about it. I won't get into all the dirty little details but what I will say is that it was totally worth it, and I'm glad I didn't pull out of the run.

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified, especially when we arrived at the first obstacle. But having a team to help support and encourage each other along the way proved to be invaluable and what we all needed to push through each challenge. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself (and the team). I only walked around one obstacle, and it turns out, if I would have pushed myself a little harder, I probably could have done it.

It's one of the lessons I've taken away from this whole experience. I'm stronger than I give myself credit for,I mean, if everyone else believes in me, why can't I believe in me too? So next year I'll not only be able to do all 13 obstacles, but I'll be fit enough to run the 5K "mountainous trail". And I"ll believe in myself. Starting now.

Did you conquer any fears or challenge yourself to something new this weekend? Don't forget to link up to Motivation Monday (see below).

Before the Mud Run: Being Silly and Nervous...More Nervous than Silly!

My Sister-in-Law's Know How to Help Me Giggle the Nerves Out

Right Before the Mud Run - All Clean and Ready to Get to the Mud Slinging

After: We Survived and Had a Little Too Much Fun in the Mud

July 2, 2014

Happy Canada Day

First thing's first - I missed the Motivation Monday blog hop yesterday but it's not too late to join. Check out Wendy's blog post over at A Daily Dose of Del Signore (she's sharing amazing progress pictures) and link up below if you have some weight loss motivation to share.

Secondly, do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? That's pretty much how I feel. You see us Canadians just celebrated Canada Day and since it landed on a Tuesday this year, I took a few vacation days for an extended long weekend.

Despite Tyler having 3 epic meltdowns (in one day) and Adrianna having pink eye (thanks to her wiping her snot into her eyes multiple times) it was a great weekend of family, friends, drinks, fireworks (even though Tyler fell asleep 10 minutes into the show Scott and the neighbours orchestrated) and a fabulous concert featuring Michael Buble (no complaints here!). 

June 23, 2014

Motivation Monday: A Progress Report

Image Source: BeachBody

Happy Motivation Monday everyone! I hope you're all pumped to start a new week and are ready to link up your posts.

I don't have much to say tonight (mostly because I'm exhausted and can't think of anything other than sleep) but what I will say is that I'm so happy I kicked my own butt last week because I lost 3 pounds of the 5 I put on over the past few months. I also wore a dress for maybe the second or third time in about 2 years, my husband and I went clubbing - which was an adventure all on its own - and my son learned how to swim this past weekend.

It's been a weekend of firsts and I'm looking forward to seeing my results this week!

What are you looking forward to this week? Don't forget to link up below.

June 20, 2014

#100HappyDays: A Happiness Challenge

I don't know about anyone else but when I'm feeling stressed, I go over to the dark side. You know what I mean. Work sucks. People suck. That person's out to get me. Too fat. Too much jiggle. That goal weight will never be reached. This is too expensive. The kids are crazy. The dog is too much work - how dare she want to be walked! Everything and everyone bothers me. Cry. Cry. Cry some more.

I've been breaking my rules for awhile now - you know the one where I make an effort every day to see the positive in every situation. The one where I am thankful for the things I have, even in those tough shitty moments, there's always something to be grateful for. Sometimes rules are meant to be broken (like curfews or wearing white after labour day) but being grateful and choosing to be happy should never be taken off the table.

So when I stumbled on this new challenge called #100HappyDays on Instagram, I was curious about what it was all about. You see, I had already committed to a 30 day fitness challenge this past Monday, but I know that getting out of this funk is going to take a lot more than just sweating out some aggressions every evening.

I knew as soon as I logged on to the website (www.100happydays.com) it was the perfect challenge for me. The yellow images and funky fonts jumping off the page was infectious, but the goal was so simple to achieve: Find something that makes you happy every day, and post a picture on Instagram. It can be anything from a meet-up with a friend to a very tasty cake in the nearby coffee place, from a feeling of being at home after a hard day to a favour you did to a stranger*. When I filled out the challenge form and was faced with the question Your Motivation to Participate - the first thing that came to me was:

To have a daily reminder to focus on the positive things in life, and also,
to be consciously grateful for all the I have.

Today is day one of my challenge and I'm open to finding the happy in my day... can't wait to see what the day brings, but I have a funny hunch the happy will arrive after work, and in the form of the two little ankle biters I call my children! 

From the Vault: My Little Ankle Biter's

*Source: 100happydays.com 

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