October 17, 2014

{For the Love of Etsy} and a Daily Ponder

Cashmere. There are no words. Ok there's one. LOVE. Ok maybe two. SOFT. Shit. I just thought of another one: LUXURIOUS.

Here are few cashmere finds from Etsy to start your weekend off right.

Cashmere Vest

Cashmere Grey-Black Herringbone Infinity Scarf
Red Cashmere Winter Coat

#DailyPonder: Source - Love This Pic.com

August 18, 2014

#MotivationMonday: I Have a Fitness Crush on Pilates

I've been wanting to try a pilates or yoga type fitness routine for awhile but didn't really know for sure if I should try it. After all, my favourite fitness bloggers and Instagram peeps credit weight lifting and programs like FocusT25 and P90X to getting their amazing weight loss results. Everything I've read over the past year about losing the baby weight for good recommends women should lift heavy weights to lose weight, burn fat and increase our metabolism. And while I haven't been lifting heavy weights (I'm taking baby steps with my 8 pounders) I've focused my attention on interval and HIIT training courtesy of Jillian Michaels. But now I'm at a plateau. My weight won't budge. My shape won't change. And if I have to watch one more Sean T DVD or spend another 30 days with Jillian Michaels yelling at me to give her another damn burpee, I'm going to lose my shit.

Pilates Quote - I Can't Wait to Test this Theory!
Desperate and scared of taking out my aggression on my husband's pride and joy (the flat screen television). I set out to research and Facebook stalk other mom's who have had success getting in shape with pilates. Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled on an amazing blog and thanks to In All Her Splendor, I'm changing up my fitness routine. I'm giving pilates a shot . . . with a side of training for a 5K (thanks to the Couch25K app I downloaded a few weeks ago). I'm really excited about this new challenge. I know, I know. I think of a new challenge every week, but I think the reason why I can't stick to anything is because I'm not excited. I need to pick activities that excite me. And the thought of growing an inch, or creating an illusion of a longer and leaner body through a pilates routine really gets me excited.  

Need some pilates motivation and workout routine ideas? Check out the Fitsporation section of In All Her Splendor's blog and check out all the before and afters of her clients. 

How do you break through your workout boredom and plateaus? Leave your tips in the comments and don't forget to link up with our Motivation Monday team.

August 4, 2014

#MotivationMonday: 10 Fitness Inspired Instagram Accounts I'm Obsessed With

Hey guys! Our Motivation Monday team has some exciting news: our link up is now available on Instagram! If you don't have a blog, but love to post your progress, fitness tips, motivation or healthy eating habits on Instagram please link up your Instagram handle below!

I have a bad habit of starting the week strong and motivated to meet my fitness goals, but then most weeks, by Thursday, I've lost steam, motivation, will power - you name it, I've lost it! On those days, I have to admit, I turn to Instagram. I'm a little obsessed. Just add it to my list of guilty pleasures.

So in keeping with our new Instagram link up option, I thought I'd share a few handles that keep me motivated when I need a good kick in the pants!

OK ready? Here are 10 fitness inspired Instagram accounts I'm currently obsessed with:

Sarahfit: Sarah Dussault is a fitness YouTube sensation and full time fitness and health blogger. She posts pictures mostly of the behind the scenes look into her life, but she also shares pictures of her latest eats, fitness fashion picks, progress pictures and fitness tips.

Skinnymeg31: Skinny Meg worked hard at losing 100 pounds before getting preggo with her second child. She gave birth in March and is now working on round two of losing her baby weight. Her posts are half fitness, half adorable family pictures - a perfect combo if you ask me (but then again, I'm pretty biased. Have you seen my Instagram account??).

IGfitmoms: Motivation and transformations of the fit moms of Instagram. 'Nough said. 

SkinnyMom: Some great inspirational quotes, fitness and health tips, and just an overall awesome community to join.

Fitmamato3: Another amazing inspirational mom of three who's lost 90 pounds and is sharing her journey.

TaniatheMachine: Have you done Insanity? Have you heard of FocusT25? She's the chick to the right of the screen (the modifier) with the crazy abs. Oh, and she's also a mom who's in crazy amazing shape. I love her profile blurb: From fishnets & stilettos to bibs & burp cloths. Proud mommy to the sweetest boy ever. 

CanMamaGetFit: Whenever I feel like I'm too tired to even consider working out after the kids are in bed, I check out this girls busy life and think if she can do it, so can I. And then I get my ass off the couch and move. I love her motivational quotes. 

MamaLaughlin: Another awesome mommy fitness blogger and 60+ weight loss inspiration. I love when she posts progress pictures - and she isn't afraid to show the good, the bad, and even the ugly (IF you think stretch marks are ugly, which I don't).

autiebl (Baby2Bombshell): A busy mom turned personal trainer and fitness ambassador who's lost 100 pounds. Oh ya, she's also a boutique owner!

30DayFitnessChallenges: 30 day challenges, inspiration, food porn. Love it - wish it was updated more frequently.

What health and fitness Instagram accounts are you following? Leave me some inspiration in the comments and don't forget to link up your Motivation Monday posts/pictures too.

July 30, 2014

#100HappyDays Challenge - A 30 Day Update

It's been 30 days since I started my happiness photo challenge and while I may not be shitting rainbows every day, I have noticed the challenge has encouraged me to find a positive take away from each day. Most days, after endless tantrums from the kids, after the dog pee's on the carpet for the millionth time, or witnessing my husbands beard trimmings around the bathroom sink, right next to my toothbrush when I've just about had it, and I'm about to say "F You Happy Challenge" my kids do something so sweet, that I end up blubbering like an idiot while I follow them around snapping grainy pics with my iPhone. It's these moments, when I'm about to snap, that I remember the challenge, and remind myself to find the good in a not-so-good situation.

Bad: The dog pee'd on the carpet.
Good: No one tried to lick it this time. BONUS!

See? There's a silver lining in any situation, sometimes you just have to dig a little to find it.

Read all about my 100 Happy Days Challenge and check out some highlights of the first 30 days below.

July 21, 2014

#MotivationMonday: My First Warrior Dash Mud Race

Me and Hubby Before Warrior Dash
So it finally happened, the Warrior Dash came and went and I survived to tell you about it. I won't get into all the dirty little details but what I will say is that it was totally worth it, and I'm glad I didn't pull out of the run.

I'm not going to lie, I was terrified, especially when we arrived at the first obstacle. But having a team to help support and encourage each other along the way proved to be invaluable and what we all needed to push through each challenge. I have to say, I was pretty proud of myself (and the team). I only walked around one obstacle, and it turns out, if I would have pushed myself a little harder, I probably could have done it.

It's one of the lessons I've taken away from this whole experience. I'm stronger than I give myself credit for,I mean, if everyone else believes in me, why can't I believe in me too? So next year I'll not only be able to do all 13 obstacles, but I'll be fit enough to run the 5K "mountainous trail". And I"ll believe in myself. Starting now.

Did you conquer any fears or challenge yourself to something new this weekend? Don't forget to link up to Motivation Monday (see below).

Before the Mud Run: Being Silly and Nervous...More Nervous than Silly!

My Sister-in-Law's Know How to Help Me Giggle the Nerves Out

Right Before the Mud Run - All Clean and Ready to Get to the Mud Slinging

After: We Survived and Had a Little Too Much Fun in the Mud
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